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2018 No Tie Dinner and Dessert Party

Saturday, 4/7/2018 @ 7pm / 6911 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX 75209

If you are attending a host's dinner party, click below to find your party host:

If you are not attending a host's dinner but want to go to the Dessert and Auction Party at the Flight Museum directly, click below:

To Buy Tickets or Donate, Select Your Party Host From The Parties Below

Party Host
Betsy Orton & Sharon Fancher Buy Tickets
Don Maison, Douglas Cheatham, Mark Hendon, Joe Adams, Jimmy Lancaster, Sergio Delgado, and Wayne Thomas Buy Tickets
Traswell and Heather Livingston Buy Tickets
Hank Comans Buy Tickets
Steven M. Park and Daniel Huerta Buy Tickets
Louise Herriott Buy Tickets
Bill Cunningham, Demonse Williams and Doug Boster, and Sam Etheridge Buy Tickets
Rich Perry, Ernie White, Keith Reese, Dan Rivera, Randy Wilcox Buy Tickets
Patrick Sullivan, Bridget Bonning, Pekers Bar Buy Tickets
Tomas Soto & Jay Murter Buy Tickets
Don Dolezal, Max and Stacey Dolezal Susini, Sharon Valenti, Bruce Jaster and Remy Tran Buy Tickets
Christopher Svrcek Buy Tickets
Buddy Mercer and Rusty Hampton Buy Tickets
David Cooper and Allen Haskell Buy Tickets
Travis-Lee Moore Buy Tickets
Shaffon and Brad Buy Tickets
Kristi Holman & Lauren Nguyen Buy Tickets
Christopher Averite, Joey Davis and Bill Stearns. Buy Tickets
Hector Zepeda, Michael Piccone. Kevin Rembert Buy Tickets
Mark Mayland Buy Tickets
Leslie Frye David Ewing Raul Goodheart Velez Mark Goodheart-Velez Buy Tickets
John Rieger Buy Tickets
Chris Clark and Jim Flaws Buy Tickets
Debbie Ochoa Buy Tickets