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No Tie Dinner and Dessert Party

Saturday, 4/6/2019 @ 7pm / 6911 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX 75209

If you are attending a host's dinner party, click below to find your party host:

If you are not attending a host's dinner but want to go to the Dessert and Auction Party at the Flight Museum directly, click below:

To Buy Tickets or Donate, Select Your Party Host From The Parties Below

Party Host
Louise Herriott Buy Tickets
Rick Farmer & Derrick Mask Buy Tickets
Steven Hopkins, John Norris, Todd Tolar Buy Tickets
Bill Cunningham, Demonse Williams, and Sam Ethridge Buy Tickets
Doug Lightfoot & Doug Ballou Buy Tickets
Joey Davis & Bill Stearns Buy Tickets
Keith Carlisle Buy Tickets
David Cooper & Allen Haskell Buy Tickets
Sergio Delgado, Don Maison Buy Tickets
Ryan Simmons and Roque Zablan Buy Tickets
Tomas Soto and Jay Murter Buy Tickets
Betsy Orton & Sharon Fancher Buy Tickets
John Gills & Steve Tuggle Buy Tickets
Carol & Tom Buy Tickets